Pediatric Dentistry


Our Pediatric Procedures are :

  1. Comprehensive oral evaluation and radiographic assessments.
  2. Oral prophylaxis and maintenance
  3. Habit counselling and habit breaking management
  4. Preventive dental treatment
  5. Fluoride treatment
  6. Temporary and permanent fillings/restorative treatment
  7. Extractions under local anesthesia
  8. Root canal treatment/pulpectomy
  9. Dental trauma management

What pediatric dental emergencies are taken care of?

When your child needs urgent dental treatment , we are ready to help you. Prompt action can save your child’s tooth, prevent any infection and associated extensive dental treatment.

In situations, you are unable to bring your child immediately to our clinic, here are few helpful tips for tackling dental emergencies. Always keep our emergency contact number handy, for quick reference.


- Swelling and tooth pain

Rinse child’s mouth with lukewarm water , and compress the swelling with ice cold water to control it. Over the counter pain medications can be taken for immediate relief of symptoms and consult with our dentist immediately.


- Knocked out tooth / Broken tooth

Immediately find for the fallen out tooth and rinse it with only clean water. Do not use anything to wipe or dry it. Either place it directly into the tooth socket or beneath the tongue , or in clean container with milk/saline solution /coconut water/cold water. The tooth should not be allowed to dry. Report to our dentist immediately with 24 hours or at the earliest..